Coffee and Bagel Day


Hey friends,

Due to hurricane Irene we couldn’t get our regular bread delivery today.

Dont worry - we are still open - but only offer bagels, coffee and salads. 

Everything should be completely up and running tomorrow. 

See you around

/The Tiny Giant

GOOD TIMES: Re-opening night.

There were times when we were sad

There were times when we were glad

After a month-long wait, 

time had reached opening date.

 After four weeks of intense work, we finally re-opened yesterday.

We lack the words to describe the excitement that the opening entailed. But, least said, It was quite touching to see all of you pour into Tiny’s; to see all of you enjoy your sandwich experience again, to hear all your compliments about the new look,  and to hear your compliments about our new products. 

As many of you may know, the sandwich shop has experienced a total makeover, with a total new look and a whole new addition to the twelve-year old menu. Nothing removed, just improved.

We now offer a great selection of locally roasted coffee,  made and served to you by the neighborhoods best barista from a space-ship coffee machine. We also offer very unique and refreshing homemade sodas, two new sandwiches and soon-to-be-breakfast.

 Thanks all for coming, it was a wonderful, wonderful night!

With twelve years together, we hope we can stay with each other forever.


Much love,


 P.S-on Thursday we will start serving breakfast(7am)!


Ok guys, this is it. At 5PM today, the wait is over.

Please come by say hi, have your regular spicy rizzak, or a bunch of new stuff. That’s right, after staying the same for twelve years, we did add bunch of new stuff.

The only way to find out what , is to stop by.

We have been missing you. A lot.



What’s going on?


This is a post that’s not to update you about construction. Or… Sorry… Don’t get me wrong… Let’s say it’s about some other kind of construction, more like a creation. 

At the same time as we are building in our shop, we are working on building other stuff that will be there when we open. Today, a series of tests were conducted in a downtown location. 

Can you guess what it is?


By the way-

We will open on Tuesday.


Good night.


T to the G

Progress report 2

He-hey, again.

Here’s a small update.

Paint job is done and today something fun happened.

We know our name is funny but other than our giant sandwiches for a relatively tiny price, we haven’t really made reason for it. Well, friends, that is about to change. 

Tiny giant is a fun word combination and so we thought we would make a statement by placing something that would be visible to all the people that enter the shop:  A Giant counter for a Tiny space.

Our new stainless steel counter arrived today and is perfectly synonym with our name.  It was pretty hard to get in but after a few hours of push and pull and three broken backs, we finally managed. A thirteen feet, six-point-five-inch - creation, the counter is created for the Tiny Giant himself, or, at least, for something giant. 



You will see when we open.

 Stay hungry.



P.S - opening night is close

A Tiny Progress Report


Hey friends,

 We thought we would ease your pain and hunger by revealing the immense progress that is being conducted in Tiny’s right now. 

Our hard work progresses quickly and we are sure we will open within the next ten days. We know it might sound like a long time, but the results will compensate for any inconvenience that has been caused. 

Once again, you need not worry about our change. Spicy Rizzak, Big Mack Daddy, Tasty Happy Salad and all your other favorites will be there when we reopen, but with a few more additions - everything to give you and even better sandwich experience.



We just finished a sixteen-hour hand-paint job.

 See you soon.



Spring cleaning

Dear friends, don’t worry…

We are performing a small spring cleaning but will be back in business on Thursday to bring you an even better sandwich experience!
We know  you are hungry, so are we. ;)


Tiny's giant sandwich shop

Spring cleaning

Dear friends, don’t worry…

We are performing a small spring cleaning but will be back in business on Thursday to bring you an even better sandwich experience!
We know  you are hungry, so are we. ;)



Happy Hannuka!

To all those celebrating this Holiday season, we wish you the best!  Feel free to bring us some Latke.

LES weekend guide.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, by far one of our favorite holidays. We are super psyched to be involved in the annual Thanksgiving fundraiser, Cranksgiving, this Saturday. Read more about it below!

Happy weekend!

Eat well,


slash and dash.

Known for being one of the only films that Gene Siskel walked out on, MANIAC, the gratuitously glory slasher picture from the 80’s (with the added credit of being banned in some countries) will be playing the midnight show at Sunshine Cinema this Friday & Saturday. Bonus: the director, Bill Lustig, will be in attendance for an audience q&a. 143 E. Houston Street.


Cranksgiving 12 is going down this Saturday and we are thrilled to be among their official sponsors. What isCranksgiving you ask? For twelve years running, the New York Bike Messenger Foundation has been convening with serious cyclists the weekend before thanksgiving to race & gather food for New York City’s homeless population. All you need to participate is a bike, a lock, a bag, some cash and some courage. Registration begins at 2pm, the race kicks off at 3pm at Thompkins Square Park. 

ANS if you donate $25 to the Foundation, we will give you $6 off any of our sandwiches!

magnificent beast.

Our friends at Anthology Film Archives are hosting a series of Cocteau films until the 21st, including one of our favorites by far, Beauty & the Beast. As Pauline Kael said: “[P]erhaps the most sensuously elegant of all filmed fairy tales. As a child escapes from everyday family life to the magic of a storybook, so, in the film, Beauty’s farm, with its Vermeer simplicity, fades in intensity as we are caught up in the Gustave Dore extravagance of the Beast’s enchanted landscape.…magnificent beast.” Stop by and tell us what you thought after!
Showing Saturday at 5:15. 32 Second Avenue. 

round two.

And Sunday don’t miss another Cocteau gem at Anthology Film Archives, the screening of 1950’s Orpheus at 5pm.

corn mo.

With an exhausting and eclectic musical resume (including a stint with the Polyphonic Spree), Corn Mo has found its home in its own special brand of exuberant piano rock that is as infectious as it is quirky and upbeat. Catch him at the early show at Mercury Lounge this Sunday. Doors at 6:30, show at 8:30. 217 E. Houston.