Progress report 2

He-hey, again.

Here’s a small update.

Paint job is done and today something fun happened.

We know our name is funny but other than our giant sandwiches for a relatively tiny price, we haven’t really made reason for it. Well, friends, that is about to change. 

Tiny giant is a fun word combination and so we thought we would make a statement by placing something that would be visible to all the people that enter the shop:  A Giant counter for a Tiny space.

Our new stainless steel counter arrived today and is perfectly synonym with our name.  It was pretty hard to get in but after a few hours of push and pull and three broken backs, we finally managed. A thirteen feet, six-point-five-inch - creation, the counter is created for the Tiny Giant himself, or, at least, for something giant. 



You will see when we open.

 Stay hungry.



P.S - opening night is close