GOOD TIMES: Re-opening night.

There were times when we were sad

There were times when we were glad

After a month-long wait, 

time had reached opening date.

 After four weeks of intense work, we finally re-opened yesterday.

We lack the words to describe the excitement that the opening entailed. But, least said, It was quite touching to see all of you pour into Tiny’s; to see all of you enjoy your sandwich experience again, to hear all your compliments about the new look,  and to hear your compliments about our new products. 

As many of you may know, the sandwich shop has experienced a total makeover, with a total new look and a whole new addition to the twelve-year old menu. Nothing removed, just improved.

We now offer a great selection of locally roasted coffee,  made and served to you by the neighborhoods best barista from a space-ship coffee machine. We also offer very unique and refreshing homemade sodas, two new sandwiches and soon-to-be-breakfast.

 Thanks all for coming, it was a wonderful, wonderful night!

With twelve years together, we hope we can stay with each other forever.


Much love,


 P.S-on Thursday we will start serving breakfast(7am)!